An internal Pochette to be applied inside any bag, but designed to be attached to the Sakura S / L snap hook. Whether you prefer the convenience of being able to transfer with practicality your essentials from one bag to another or you want to protect your valuables with a zip, this pochette will be perfect for you. 

NOTE this Pochette can be purchased as a stand alone OR combined with the purchase of your Sakura Bag at a special price.


Cotton fabric canvas

This Pochette is made of soft cotton, selected for its resistance and lightness. Ideal to help you organize your everyday bag.

Patterned lining

The patterned lining makes this Pochette lively and of fine craftsmanship.

Zip and ring

With this practical zip your things will always be safe, while, thanks to the side ring, the internal pouch can be attached to the internal snap hook of our Sakura bags.